Sometimes, small bumps can be a sign of ticks or other biting insects.
Ticks can cause Lyme disease, which has symptoms including fever, appetite loss, lameness, joint swelling, and stiffness, and can lead to kidney failure, heart and neurological problems. Other diseases carried by ticks include ehrlichiosis and babesiosis, although the latter is very rare in the UK.
There are different species of ticks, with around twenty types indigenous to the UK. Some soft bodied, while others are hard bodied. In the UK, it is usually the hard bodied ticks that are found on pets or people. Dogs that spend time outdoors, particularly if they are exercised in leafy or woody areas, are more prone to picking up ticks. Ticks are more common in warmer weather, although even a few milder days in winter can cause them to become active.Ticks have to burrow to attach themselves to a host, brushing after walks will help to dislodge them before they have time to attach. In addition, the head, face, paws and joints should be